How to install Citrix Workspaces

Citrix Workspaces is client software that provides offsite access to your Dane County Citrix applications or Desktop. Download the Citrix Workspaces application (or clean up utility) and documentation that corresponds with the platform/operating system on which you are installing the software. Once you have your Citrix client installed please visit this page.


Entrust Self-Registration Instructions Download PDF
Citrix Workspaces Installation Instructions Download PDF

Citrix Workspaces Application Downloads

  Windows Mac
Citrix Workspace App Download File (92 MB) Download File (ver.2309; 408 MB)


Upgrading to an Entrust Soft Token

(New! July 2022)

If you are an active Entrust remote access user with an eGrid who wants to upgrade to an Entrust "soft token" (a smartphone app that mimics an eGrid), please reference the files below:

Written Self-Registration Instructions           Video Self-Registration Instructions          
Download PDF Download Video (MP4 format; 36 MB)