How to install Citrix Receiver

Citrix receiver is client software that provides offsite access to your Dane County Citrix applications or Desktop. Download the Citrix Receiver (or clean up utility) and documentation that corresponds with the platform/operating system on which you are installing the software. Once you have your Citrix client installed please visit this page.


  Windows Mac
Citrix Receiver Install Instructions Download PDF Download PDF
Citrix Receiver Uninstall Instructions Download PDF Download PDF

Receiver Software Downloads

  Windows Mac
Citrix Receiver Download File (41.5 MB) Download File (47.4 MB)
Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utility Download File (1.2 MB)  

Uninstall Citrix Workspaces 

Citrix Workspaces is an updated version of Citrix Receiver that we do not yet support. If you have it installed please follow the directions below.

Windows PC:  Uninstall Citrix Workspaces through Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs like any other software.

Mac:  Download and run this file and choose to Uninstall Citrix Workspaces when prompted.